Suffering - A Special ECVA Exhibition

  • 15 Nov 2018
  • 15 Jan 2019



Joy Jennings, Curator

As we once again move into another year, we recognize, that along with our hopes for ourselves and others, that there seems to be a prevailing sadness that hovers over our world.  In our social media accounts, we post our happy moments of shared meals, vacations, concerts, and shallow memes of wisdom.  But, hidden behind this facade of well-being and happiness, we see an undercurrent of sadness, of loneliness, of begging for attention or crying in the wilderness.

Painting by Joy Jennings
We need to shatter these walls that divide us—those walls built up inside of us, in our culture, in our language, in our religion.  There is turbulence ---suicides, loneliness, the opioid crisis, alienation.  All of us may recall some hurt that has become a part of our identity. As the world grows smaller and cultures clash for breathing room, we, as artists, can help to tear down those walls.  We can use our art to tell these stories and to lead to the way of hope and peace among us. 

How, as artists, can we tell these stories of alienation, of hurt, of indifference?  And, how can we, as artists give meaning to these stories?

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