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I am God's Child
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Fingers are pointing at me: pointing out all my faults and failures. I talk to God about all these accusations. God says, "Alisa, I want you to trust me when I say that you're my child and I love you.

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Jesus and Me
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I see myself with Jesus right behind me. His hands gently squeeze my shoulders and he speaks encouraging words to me. I paint myself and Jesus and I record the words He speaks to me on my canvas.

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Inside God's Armor
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I read chapter 6 in the book of Ephesians. It's all about the Armor of God. I imagine myself inside that armor and I imagine that I've found a safe place to start believing something new.

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Crossroads Community Church

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Alisa E. Clark is a writer and an artist. What she has written and made is an expression of her spirituality. She believes that writing and creating is for everyone and encourages all to create and share. Visit Alisa at

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