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Title""Chartres, North Window", Edition IV, Date: 2016
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ZINC-PLATE ETCHING: Intaglio (Oil-based, French ink on STONEHENGE tan etching paper (UK); 16" x 12" (framed).

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Title: The Moon, Rose, & Sorrow, Notre Dame Transept Window; Date-2016
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ZINC-PLATE ETCHING: Intaglio, Chine colle (Oil-based inks on Rives BFK white paper(both French) & Thai mulberry bark paper overlay ; 20" x 16" (framed).

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Title: Angel's Hierarchy Window, St. Oven Church, Rouen, France" Date: 2016
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ZINC-PLATE ETCHING-Intaglio & Chine colle (Oil-based inks on Rives BFK white paper(both French) & Thai mulberry bark paper overlay ; 16"x12" (framed)

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My work as a Master Printmaker includes many formats. I am currently working in monoprints and etchings that use the studio techniques of INTAGLIO, AQUATINT, DRYPOINT, & CHINE COLLE. I print all of my etchings by hand at The Center for Works on Paper in The Open Printmaking Studio, located at 705 Christian Street; this is a part of The Fleisher Art School, located on the 700 Block of Catharine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

I create scene that delineate human accomplishment; these works are cerebral windows that exploit lines and dots in a geometric dance between shadow and open space. I orchestrate visual techniques with the mixing of media to compose hypnotically visual symphonies. History, archaeology, mysticism, gender, Architecture, folklore, spirituality, and mythology interest me and inspire my work.

My etchings narrate stories that allow viewers to glimpse into single moments and discern the splendor that resides within the most ordinary of realms. These works scrutinize situations and things that are frequently overlooked as a consequence of our narcissistic attachment to new technologies. Moreover, my etchings reveal scenes that most of us ignore in this brave new techno-genesis of scientific advancement . . . during our grandiloquent rush to the grave.

I frequently base my etching editions on photographs that I myself shot or from the Photographic Archives of libraries, historical societies, foundations, and universities. Many of my etchings act as windows, which enable viewers to pass through and . . . eventually . . . arrive at their imaginations. Even my use of multiple-etching plates to create one scene becomes a part of my “window” philosophy.

My work concerns uniting the lines and connections that represent the life’s universal roadmap . . . and the nexus with it that is a portal to what lies beyond life’s woven spider web.

My works can be purchased on-line at Saatchi Gallery at
and at
Absolute Arts Dot Com:

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The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
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The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral

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The LITURGICAL WORK that I create is contemporary in nature and includes CRUCIFIXIONS (painting); STATIONS OF THE CROSS (Etchings and Mixed media Assemblage); SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENTS (spacial creations) and, ICONS (mixed media). These can be seen on my web sites:

My phone number is 215-640-0765.

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