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Jerry Di Falco


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Di Falco

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Title: "Stained Glass Window Study on Slavery"
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Intaglio etchin on 2 zinc plates enhanced with watercolor; 26" h x 13" w. Based on diagram of slave ship at British Museum, 2021..

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Title: Gullah Baptism
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intaglio etching on two zinc plates/watercolor/RivesBFK white paper with mulberry bark overlay; 2021

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Title: "BETRAYAL AT NICAEA" Mixed media etching and ink on paper. Date: 2021
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Mixed media on stretched canvas, Duck head sewn onto textured gold painted canvas.

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I create etchings that use the studio techniques of INTAGLIO, AQUATINT, DRYPOINT, & CHINE COLLE. All of my works are hand-printed on a Charles Brand professional press at The Fleisher Art School's OPEN STUDIO IN PRINTMAKING in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I act as an artist's mentor and studio manager. Aside from printmaking, I also work in mixed media assemblage, painting, and liturgical installations.

I base my etchings on my own photographs and the ones I find in the archives of libraries, historical societies, foundations, houses of worship, and universities. Many of my etchings are created on multiple plates to give the work a window-like illusion. I use oil-based-etching inks and natural printmaking papers. I sometimes enhance my etchings with watercolors.

My thematic interests include comparative religion, architecture, archaeology, cityscapes, mysticism, and Spiritual Iconography.

My works can be purchased on-line at Saatchi Gallery at
and at
Absolute Arts Dot Com:

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The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
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The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral

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My accolades include: the 2009 City of Philadelphia Award in Arts & Culture; a 2001 Artist's Grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation in NYC ($30,000.); and two Individual Artist's Grants from the Pennsylvania State Arts Council (1992 and 1987). I have received several Artist Residencies, including ones at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Drexel University, The Philadelphia Art Alliance, and The Philadelphia Board of Education. My artworks have been exhibited in over 400 solo and group, juried shows since 1980 around the world.

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