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View from the Pulpit, Sandown Meetinghouse (1773)
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From the book: A Space for Faith

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Window, Pew, and Kneelers, Trinity Church (1771)
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From the book: A Space for Faith

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Box Pews, Looking Down, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse (1785)
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From the book: A Space for Faith

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Paul Wainwright is a large-format black and white photographer from Atkinson, New Hampshire. His first book, A Space for Faith - The Colonial Meetinghouses of New England, is available from his web site:

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New Hampshire
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Christ Church

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Paul Wainwright is a fine-art, large-format black & white photographer who lives and works in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Paul specializes in traditional, wet-process photography, and produces museum-quality prints for exhibition and collection. His portfolio includes interpretive images of landscapes and 19th century architecture. His work evokes a feeling of quietness and contemplation, and has been described as being reminiscent of some of the masters of the mid-20th century.

Wainwright’s work is in the permanent collections of both private and corporate collectors, including the Boston Public Library, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Fidelity Investments. His photographs are regularly shown in national juried exhibitions, including the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado and the Photomedia Center in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Wainwright’s prize-winning book, A Space for Faith: The Colonial Meetinghouses of New England, was published by Peter Randall Press in 2010. A traveling exhibition of his meetinghouse photographs is available for museums and university galleries

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