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Elta Marie
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Kerygma Art Studio

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Where are we? - Portland and the Milky Way
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acrylic, 36" X 36", 2013 permanent collection of U of Concordia, Portland, OR

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Cosmic Picnic: Eve under Butterfly Nebula
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acrylic, ink, fabric 36" X 36", 2012 sold

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Medussa Redeemed
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acrylic, ink, collage 20" X 20", 2011 not for sale

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I seek the nexus between art, science and religion. My 2020 I received a MA in theology with honors from the Virginia Theological Seminary VTS) and received the Yoder Award for artistic Christian Evangelical work. My thesis was on John Polkinghorne, and I have drafted my first book The 21st Century Way of Seeing: The Nexus of Art, Science, and Religion. I have held a solo exhibit entitled the Sentient Universe (all works sold or donated) and shown work at University of Concordia, Portland, OR, VTS, and various cathedrals and churches. Recently, I have been commissioned for a work for VTS and completed a work for the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. As a committed Christian anad artist and theologian, I offer my artistic presence to our community.

In 1999 I retired from practicing law, and then returned to school for an additional BA in studio art. Next, I attended the Boston School for the Museum of Fine Arts for post graduate work, ran my own ArtStudio12, and later enrolled at VTS for an MA in theology. I enjoy speaking to others and hope that you will call or write with your thoughts. Thanks, Elta

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Washington DC and Northern Virginia
National Episcopal Cathedral of Washington DC and Church of the Resurrection in Arlington, VA

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I am an excellent public speaker (old trial lawyer!), have experience leading church discussion groups, and have written on my ideas of art, science and religion. I enjoy meeting new people, exchanging ideas, speaking and creating. Please feel free to contact me at eltawilson@gmail.com and see my work at eltawilson.com.

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